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Help please calipers

Okay. I had to bye this becouse my sho broke. I must say for $350.00 and 205,000 mile the cars runs pretty good. I need to buy a car to get to work any who Its a 1990 240dl (1) wheres the fuse box? I too have that overdrive issue. (2) How the hell do I bleed the brakes.....there is 3 bleeder screws on the front right caliper????????? Also two steel brak lines going to it. I never seen a caliper like that? Is the caliper some how devided like into two channels or something it has four small piston on the caliper that why I ask if the caliper has like 2 channels or what ever, does like one line feed half and the other line feed the other half..Hope Im explaining this right. My right fron I put pads on and going to do the left in a minute..One of the Any info would be great....
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