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Re: High Mileage 242 GT ?

Thanks for the reply.
I did buy this car and have been driving it for 2 weeks now.
It does have the B21 engine (non turbo) and M46 4sp trans.
It seems to be in excellent condition and is a solid california car.
It drives good and the suspension is tight.
I am a mechanic but for the most part not familiar with volvos.
The only thing as you pointed out, is the fuel injection system.
If there is a problem, I might have a problem troubleshooting, but for now all seems ok there.
The only problem it seems to have is a rough idle when the car is cold. It seems to smooth out when warm but is still not totally smooth.
The previous owner gave me all the service records since 1983.
Recently, the car had new:
timing belt
head gasket
fuel injectors
cleaned out intake manifold and new gasket
fuel pump and relay
complete tune up
lapped valves and seals
The previous owner was really anal about maintenance (a good thing for me).

The car also passed calif smog.

I suspect maybe a vaccum leak or maybe dirty EGR valve?
Anything else that might cause rough idle?
Thanks again for any suggestions.

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