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Re: 2000 Malibu - fuel pump ok, filter new, pressure regulator is ok

Replaced the Ignition Key switch and the Key assembly. Car started and ran for over 12 minutes so I decided to determine which of the two parts were causing the failure. After trying to do them each I put the new parts back in and still could not get it to start. I spent a lot of time because each time I replaced one of the parts I had to wait at least 10 minutes with the key on and battery got weak so I will go back tomorrow charge the battery and start again.

Plan: try if with the new parts in it and if it starts see how long it will run. If it keeps running them will leave new parts in and take it for a drive. I also have a camshaft position sensor in case that is also part of the problem.

Update: car started and ran for 10 minutes and then shut down again. Put the original parts back on and am now researching additional problems. Saw that sometime the Camshaft position sensor could cause this and not throw any code. Is there a way to trouble shoot this sensor?
It also had the following trouble codes: P0446, P0443, & P0449. All of these are Emission codes and could they cause it to stop running after 5 to 7 minutes?

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