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Re: 2K clear users - which respirator do you use?

Originally Posted by nakadds View Post
When you guys use respirators, is that in addition to a spray booth? When I use 2k, I try to spray as close to the extraction fan as possible so that the overspray and fumes goes out the window. I also have a window fan running pretty much 24/7 to keep the room ventilated whether I'm painting or not. Its not 100% safe but I feel like the risk is reduced. What kind of set up is everyone using in addition to respirators?
You will have to, consensus is that the organic filters won't remove the harmful part of 2k. That's why the filtration systems for volume use of 2k are pretty complicated and automotive users use air fed masks. I'm sure in the UK there are special regulations on professional spray booths that I have read about.

Mind and not vent into your neighbours garden, unless you don't like them!!!
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