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Question Voltage for my cars system seems off..?

I have a 2007 Honda Accord SE (2.4). I put in a new battery, capacitor and a new alternator in the past year to try and figure a solution. I have 0 gauge wire in to two amps from a 1.5 Ferrat cap. My system pulls about 2000 watts total. I have 10,000k 35 Hids and thatís about it for power consumption. When I start the car and idle (or am under about 1200 RPMs) my capacitor voltage display reads 14.1 (when I first installed the system it read 14.2 but not a big difference) but when I BARELY bump just my one 10Ē L7 (pulling 600 watt RMS) with my headlights on and I accelerate or even have my RPMs over like 1200, my voltage drops to 12.9 (Iím 99% sure in didnít do this a few years ago) it wonít go back until I either have the sub barely goin or come to a stop light... ANY suggestions? Or is this normal? I just donít know anymore I canít recall what it originally put out in those situations but am almost positive it kept it around 14V. Thanks!
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