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Re: HELP - Can’t Find Parts: 1993 Silhouette

Originally Posted by aleekat View Post
Thank you for the link, aleekat!

Alas, the Standard Motor Products DS719 is not the correct turn signal arm, as it has the lights, instead of the cruise control. The ACDelco 25140640 Turn Signal Switch Arm listed below it is the exact replacement for the stalk, but it does not include the actual switch (or whatever) that has broken.

I have posted two pictures to show Glorianna’s turn signal arm with cruise control and the full touring package dashboard.

I have three manuals for Glorianna (including the factory service manual), but none of them go into any detail about what that steering column switch actually is, nor are there any part numbers for it. In the Olds service manual, they only refer to it as the “Turn/Hazard Switch.” There are picture reference numbers, but no part numbers.

My concern is that I will need to contact salvage yards for the (very used) parts.

Any suggestions—parts suppliers or salvage yards—would be deeply appreciated!

Blessings, and thank you!
1993 Oldsmobile Silhouette
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