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Re: Dropping Subframe for Stabilizer Bar

You know what? If you remove the bolts on the subframe without first disconnecting the steering knuckle, you have RUINED the linkage. There is NO free play at all that allows that linkage to move with the subframe.

I've had 'em apart many times and trying to drop the back of the subframe down--even taking the bolts out and letting it move--is absolutely a bad idea. You don't want to drive one that's had that done. Find some of my posts where I detail this job with lots of photos if you want, but don't try to move the back of the frame at all while that knuckle is still attached. Air bags could go off, shafts get bent, all manner of things that make the bad stabilizer bar seem like a dream job.

As to why the new bar won't fit, its because they put a reverse bend in the replacement bars, the old one bends up, the new one bends down. You should still be able to get it to pop in after removing the clamp downs.

Here is the new & old bars for comparison:

Just make sure you don't have your new one upside down. It looks just like the photos.
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