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Re: Front sway bar replacement

Originally Posted by aghopkins
Hey guys,
I am in the middle of replacing my front sway bar (02 Intrigue) and have run into a problem. I have removed all of the bolts but I cannot for the life of me remove the mounting brackets from the sway bar. I can see where the should pop off but the rubber insulation in my brackets has hardened over the years. It looks like I have to remove the brackets before I can work the sway bar out. I've tried jamming a flat-head screw driver in the seam at the bottom and digging some of the insulation out but have not been successful.

Any ideas?
I changed the sway bar in mine (2000GLS) last year and didn't have the issue. But if I did I would've fired up my BBQ and give that rubber a nice sizzling grill till middium rare instead of digging with a flathead.....Congratulations.
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