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Re: Just bought a 912, need info

Originally Posted by 912renn
I may have info for you soon.

I am restoring my 912 to a Rennsport Racer and am sticking with a VW 2.5L by Bergmann or Raby. I have started a blog describing my journey. Any helpful feedback would be great.

Check it out and let me know before I send anyone my money!!!

Check out that first link in my previous post, register, lurk, ask questions, and LEARN. Honestly the best info out there, IMHO. You aren't just buying a turnkey engine, or engine kit with your money, you'll be a part of the entire VW/Porsche Aircooled revolution, with total support and literally years of customer and professional support dedicated to keeping the hobby alive, in ALL shapes, sizes, and forms.

I wouldn't send my worst enemy to Bergmann.
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