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Re: 2002 Dodge Ram--P1491 fault code

Burned fuse number 39 in the Power Distribution Center due to condenser fan drawing high current. Also can be caused by water leaking into shroud and freezing.
The TSB involves replacing the condenser motor and reprogramming the PCM to alleviate repeat blowings of the fuse. That's why the "stealers" recommended replacement of the motor, shroud and PCM. Either fix it (if fuse continues to blow), or stop whining about how dealers are ripping you off.
A TSB is not paid for by the dealer. The TSBs are there to help techs find common problems faster, thus saving you money. Recalls are done when they decide the losses from lawsuits will outnumber the cost of performing a recall, or when they have severe safety concerns as a result of the problem.
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