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Smile Casting your Parts in 30 Min (No silicon rubber required !!!)

Been in this forum for a while, and had seen quite a few members struggling from casting their model parts. The main concern of using silicon rubber and resin are
1 High initial cost
2. Limited lifespan of the resin
3. Most of the time you only need to cast a few object but you need to buy a huge quantity

So "Oyumaru" is what you need. Oyumaru is a Japanese Moulding material. Which is like silicon rubber when cool, it will soften to a form like chewing gum when you boil it in 80C Celsius water. The great thing about this product is it is completely reusable. All you need to do is to put it in the hot water again.

1. The 350z rear bumber and 6 pieces of Oyumaru

2. Dip the Oyumaru in hot water to softern it, will turn to transparant when it is ready for use

3. Dry them with a paper towel

4. Put it on the part you want to copy and work aroud to the sape you want
(Personally i prefer to fill up the inner part first)

5. Wait for it to cool down (Take around 5-10 min to cool down). Then make the other side of the mould

6. Separate the 2 mould when it cool down completely

7. Mix your 2 part putty

8. Fill up each side of the mode (fill up the edge first)

9. Put the mould back together and sqeeze out the extra putty

10. Separate the mould when the putty is around 90% hard, Clean up as much edge as you can with your modelling knife

11.Here's the finish product

P.S. Some member are conserned that the hot oyumaru might demage the plastic parts. From my experiance it is pretty safe. As plastic is a very poor conductor and Oyumaru cool down pretty quick

Happy Casting everyone
Patient is all you need to build a nice model!

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