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Re: '05 RAM 1500 Stalling and not starting no codes stored

Originally Posted by skizer
Looking for some help here. Main problem is that the vehicle stalles from time to time while in reverse or in drive usually on downslope, RPMs are at 550 warmed up and when put more load drop to 450-400. Sometimes it would not start right away but when I go to restart it fires up no problem. Dealer is clueless bcs there is no codes stored. Recalibrated and replaced ETC and MAP. Please help

I have an 05 ram 1500 with the same exact problem. In fact its sitting in the shop right now for the third time now and all they can tell me is that they haven't been able to make it die yet ,but i can make it die almost every time I back into the driveway. It seems to happen more frequently when its low on gas with the heater on.Did they ever fix your truck? If so, how?
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