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Review: 1958 Lister „Knobbly” Jaguar by Roaring Replicars

I'm not really into doing kit reviews (although I do appreciate the efforts of those who do them!) but I wanted to share my latest purchase with you as IMO it's something special.

I stumbled across this kit on and the description caught my attention.

Originally Posted by eBay description
„1/24 scale 1958 lister 'knobbly' jaguar. All resin semi curbside kit (top of engine is visible through small hatch as in photograph). Kit includes vacforms for glazing and includes spares in the event of mistakes. This is a kit of my own manufacture, please be aware that resin kits require more work in terms of clean up than plastic injection molded kits. My guarantee is that if you are not happy with the kit, then return it and get your money back.”
It contained the essence of the two things I like most in modeling – 50's/60's cars and personal passion.

I contacted the seller and asked for some photos of the unbuilt kit. I received the photos and also in the course of our correspondence, the seller shared photos of his WIP and some of his other scratch built projects, including an incredible replica of a 1960s Ecuire Ecosse transporter!

I was hooked and ordered the kit. I think it is not everyday you get the chance to own a kit like this.

This is the car it is representing (minus the dents1 ):

The kit was scratch built by the seller and is cast by him in resin.

First of all the packaging.

Homemade box design totally in keeping with the spirit of this kit and the seller. He could have just thrown it into an old shoe box but he didn't. I love the name „Roaring Replicars”

Inside you can see that although simple, everything is well packed and protected.

The contents:

I didn't count fully but I estimate that there are over 50 pieces in total. It also includes a CD with many images, a bag with extra „bits 'n pieces” such as metal tube, headlight bases, wires etc. Nearly everything is cast in ivory resin and there are also vacuform body parts (white) and vacuform windscreen and headlight covers (clear) with spares in case of disaster.

Main body parts

The resin casts are definitely not MFH leauge but seem to be pretty free of air bubbles. They are a bit thin in places. There is a LOT of flash and cleaning up work but I was not surprised by this as the seller as very open about this and several times brought this to my attention BEFORE buying the kit. TBH, I don't care - this kit is all about tender loving care

Engine detail:

The kit is a curbside but it does include an engine head piece which will be visible underneath a removable panel in the hood. It seems quite well detailed and the carbs look first class!

A couple of things that struck me particularly while looking through the box.

First the wheels

The wheels and tires are cast in resin. However, to make things easier to paint, the hubs are separate parts that will slip into the middle of the tires which eliminates the need for tricky masking when painting the ires black.

Another thing that really looks neat are the seats.

There is a super texture cast into the leather. My guess is that with some shading, washing and highlighting, these seats could look fantastic when finished!

There is a pretty exhaustive assembly guide with the kit which includes lots of tips and hints. It points out areas that might be „tricky” and those that will be visible in the final assembly and require extra attention. I have to admit that one or two instructions aren't immediately clear, but I didn't spend a lot of time reading it

I am very happy with this kit and I am really looking forward to starting it. Without a doubt it won't be an easy build and the kit will require more than average clean up. Maybe there will be fitment issues to address – in fact I'll be surprised if there aren't! But I went into this with my eyes and heart wide open

I guess the seller won't mind (too much) if I share a photo from his WIP and one of his finished version.

I paid a very reasonable 30GBP for the kit.
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