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I bought my 05 Ram 1500 Quad Cab in November. It was stalling as well. The RPM's would shoot up to 2 and then drop down and then the truck would stall. I would come to a light, pull into a parking spot and it would just die on me. It was at the dealership 6 times they changed the throttle sensor, replaced transmission seals and adjusted the idle. It was still doing the same thing. Finally, after me blowing up at them they flew a Rep. in from Dodge. He looked it over, took it for a ride and it stalled on him. He said it was the Torque Convertor. The dealership put in a new transmission and transfer case from another identical truck off their lot because the transmissions are on back order. So far the truck is running great - no problems.

I know how you guys feel - it really sucks when you buy a new vehicle and it does not run right. Good Luck to you.
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