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HOW TO cloth a seat

Well I tried this for the first time and it came out pretty cool. What I took was a piece of cloth glued it to the seat and then continued. Pouf suddenly I had a clothed seat with ribbons for seat beats. Sweet. So know I want to give u guys a tutorial. Here are the materials I used. Seat or any other surface that needs cloth (non painted), cloth, some kind of adhesive (I used contact glue, I also found super glue doesnít work nor revel liquid glue), scissors, Lacto knife.

1) Glue a piece big enough to cover the back of the seat to the seat. Then cut out along the seats edges leaving about 2-4 mm. then make little incisions at angles to that the cloth wraps around the edges of the seat.

2) Now cut another piece of cloth and glue it to the bottom front (the front of a seat cushion) Wrap that piece of cloth around the left and right side of the seat cushion. Then trim around the cloth leaving about 2-4 mm. Make little incisions at the corners of the cushion (top and bottom) wrap the edges around and glue them.

3) Then glue a piece of cloth to the seat cushion top. Be careful here you canít cut around the edges and wrap around the cloth. (This is because this is one of the finishing pieces). Cut the piece of cloth the size of the seat top and then glue it on top.

4) Repeat the same procedure with the seat front the only part that isnít clothed.

5) Use a ribbon as thick as u want to make a seatbelt. To make a three point harness glue the ribbon to the back bottom of the seat. Then to the front opposite side and then to the other side. Just imagine what a seatbelt looks like when its clicked together.

An alternative way to do this is to mask off the areas that are going to be clothed and use the masking tape to make a template. For more information on this look at the How to apply a carbon fiber decal. This is a very rough guide sorry there are no pics but I cant upload them no mater how hard I try. I donít mind sending them to someone if there willing to put them online. Itís my first guide so sorry if it sucks if u need clarification just ask in the forum.
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