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I think you are all missing the Point.

Girly or not, the MGF was originally designed to look like its predesessors.
The grill looks like the original roadster etc and on top of all the small retro styling features the whole car still looks good today.

The MGTF is one of MG Rovers ABORTIONS!!!!!!!

They took a perfect design and Crapped all over it.

Gone is the regonisable MG grill and headlights thus losing its personality and face, and replaced with too many lines and creases here and there to make as MG Rover consider. "An Improvement".

Creases a good on a brand new car. Ask Chris Bangle of BMW

I feel sorry for Gerry McGovern the MGF designer. What a way to see your design spoilt.

Its like taking a work of art and letting the Kids splash paint all over it.

The only benefit to owning the TF, is in that driving it, you don't have to look at how daft it is on the outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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