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evo is an excellent magazine that covers a pretty broad amount of cars around the world. Though I must agree that there is not much coverage on American automobiles but that comes with good reason. If readers want to read more on the Corvette or the Mustang then don't read evo because it will be rare. There is no market for these cars that is primarily for the UK enthusiast since they have different tastes in vehicles. I do think the Corvette is the only true American muscle car that is sold in the UK and is not used to compare with other cars since there are other vehicles with more appeal. About this bias for British might be true, but the editors are human and will lean with towards them. That goes without saying that these editors are very honest and on the most part open minded. Such as the articles with a Murcielago being picked number one and Porsche Turbo X50 picked number two out of a four car comparison where one of the other cars is Italian and the other being British. When the Porsche GT3 was named evo car of the year in 1999 over the 360 Modena and many other marques.

evo has subscriptions for US readers, in which the price is a pretty penny. I actually subscribe to the magazine along with other top UK publications.
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