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1985 Gt Apex Trueno Sprinter, RHD and all.
1996 FD3S Rx-7 TT done by ASpec in ASpec Red(or is it mazda torch red?)
1991 Protege GT-X/91 323 GT-R, in the same red.
1995 Subaru Justy AWD 1.3L turbo custum rally car
1980's Porche 911 Turbo, in solid Black.
1982 Volkswagon Rabbit Gti
My cousin's 1991 Protege GT after I've performed the FWD-to-RWD conversion and swapped the BP18 for a 13BT
1991 FC3S Mazda Rx-7 TurboII, in the whitest white known to mankind
A fiero with a supercharged 454 mounted in the rear with the entire roof converted to an air intake for the blower.(kinda like having the intake stick up outta the hood on old muscle cars but since the engine would be in the back it would stick up over the roof, then conver the roof into an air intake...)

Finally, my one true dream car. The only car I don't care about the technology, the power, the handling or anything else. Hell, I don't want to know about it for fear it might ruin my image of it.

A 25th anniversary Countache in red.
Keiichi Tsuchiya isn't the drift king,
Michael Schumacher Is.

The only thing better than cars is Music... maybe.
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