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Re: nissan KA24DE 2.4 liter engine oil leak (this motor from a 2004 xterra in a 2000 frontier xe ext. cab), front crank seal?

I took the vehicle to a nissan dealership today and the service dept says it is the timing chain cover that is leaking and needs to be resealed. They found a few other things too:

Failed Task:
- reseal timing chain cover ($948)
- replace all of the drive belts damaged / cracked ($200)
- fix power steering return hose leak ($173)

Caution Task:
- replace worn / loose motor mounts ($338 each x 2)
- the brake fluid is low and would replace it with new fluid ($100)
- they need to diagnose a manual transmission leak

We are going to take the truck to a mechanic friend who can hopefully do the most important tasks for a lot less money.

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