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Re: 1999 Vette Headlights quit working.

Originally Posted by Luweegy View Post
I had them not come up and go on a couple of times.Then they have been fine for awhile.Now they won't do anything except if ya pull the high beam.Then they go on but don't come up. Stock bulbs. If I take controle with a Snap-On Solus I can make them do everything they are suppossed to do. Here are the codes I pulled out using the scanner in the dash.
They were all history codes. Thanx <Tom
A0-LDCM - Left Door Control Module
-B2284 Battery #2 Fault

A1-RDCM - Right Door Control Module
-B2285 Battery #2 Fault

B0-RFA - Remote Function Actuation
-U1016 Loss of Communication with PCM
-U1064 Loss of Communication with BCM

I couldn't find a code for U1095 but maybe you meant U1096 in which case is:
U1096 Loss of Communication with IPC

Hope this helps ya out on the codes...

As far as the headlight control, this sounds like the exact same problem my brother just ran into with his 03 Monte Carlo that the headlights only worked if you pulled and held the high beam. He had to replace the headlight switch/lever that mounts to the steering column and that fixed it for him. It's possible that the headlights not popping up for you is tied to the same problem. Especially since you are able to override the switch and they still function normal. That tells me that the headlight motors and bulbs and wiring is fine... I'd pull a new headlight switch from a junkyard and give that a go. Good luck!
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