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Re: codes P0171, P0174 Lincoln LS V6"

Hi Rod,

I just wanted to say thank you for the info. I tackled this project yesterday and it was an overall success, thanks to you. My engine is running smoothly again, it was indeed the pcv elbow as i suspected. I changed the pcv valve, all gaskets, and spark plugs while i was in there and noticed that the 2 rear plugs had oil on them, but I replaced them as usual anyways as i was limited on time and needed my car today. After getting everything back together and driving it without the check engine light on for about 5 miles, the light came back on. Still running well, but pulling the same codes as before. I am thinking this is possibly because of those plugs and/or coils. What are your thoughts? I have seen from some of your other posts you have brought up the battery as a possible culprit. Mine is from 06 i think (bought this car used this past summer). Do you think this may apply in my case? Also, you are right about those torque specs, they should be in in-lbs vs. Ft-lbs. The conversion from newton meters tells all. Thanks again!
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