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You've sold me on the Civic. I must admit i prefer the old ones to the new ones. Id still gladly go for the ride though

That reminds me, my dad had a Honda Prelude in the early 80's (which is actually still on the road); that was a pretty cool car for its time. I drove it a couple of years ago and remember being very impressed by the way it drove, some 20 years after it first ran! And i wasnt just poodling along!

Honda have fantastic engineers but the reason i judge their cars as not generating enough "emotion" is because of the way they are packaged. Theyre too cold, which ultimately blunts the experience. Like i said before, you cant say a Pulsar GTiR has an eighth of the emotion or character of an Integrale. Never mind it's not as good or fun to drive, look at the difference in the way they look. When i see an Integrale EVO, i stop in my tracks and stare. The Nissan however doesnt get a second glance. The attitude an EVO gives off is incredible, the Nissan looks cheap. Sitting inside a Special Edition EVO is fantastic, sitting in the Nissan is almost like sitting in any other Nissan Sunny. The Lancia has more mystique. This creates emotion. This is where the majority of Japanese contenders fall off.
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