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Originally posted by crayzayjay
A lotus esprit, yes. A Maz bi-turbo? thats a bucket-full of character right there.. but a Honda Civic? No chance

If you include body and interior design into the equation then the Civic is left out, but I have never rated a car on how it looks, I have only ever been interested in how it drives. And on purly how it drives my Civic deffinitly has plenty of emotion. Ill admit that 75% of that comes from the engine, but the Chassis is one of the best balanced and most well behaved that I ever driven, its certianly not the same class of car as the Lotus or Mazeriti, but a car does not have to be an exotic to exhibit emotion.

If you ever make it down this way ill take you for a drive and you will soon know what I mean.
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