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1982 Toro,speedometer went out, can't figure out what's wrong...please help!

as the title says, I have a 1982 Toronado, gas engine, small block V8, cruise control. The cruise control has been acting strange...(the car would maintain speed but would slow down slightly, then surge back to selected speed... it would do this constantly, which was very annoying!). The other day, I noticed the speedometer needle "jumping" slightly. The next day, the speedometer quit altogether. A few seconds later, the "check engine" light came on (and stayed on). I figured the speedometer cable broke (because it acted just like a cable break); however, I dove into the job today to try to see what went wrong. Well, this thing has one cable that comes from the transmission that goes to the cruise control transducer. I removed that cable and checked it out (it was problem at all) I then removed the speedometer gear cover on the transmission and examined both gears very problems there. I removed one end of the other cable that goes from the cruise control transducer to the speedometer head itself. I could easily turn it by hand (and watch the needle on the speedo move problems there). SO what could my problem be...that last link in the chain is the transducer itself....could THAT be the problem? and would this problem cause the "check engine" light to come on? IF I need a new transducer, where could I find one? Any suggestions are welcome!
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