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Re: Racers.... post your times

Haha. I wished mine was down to about 2500. It'd run 4.teens in the 330 (that'd be about 6.30s in the 1/8th, and probably 9.90s in the 1/4-if it weighed 2500 lbs) atleast if it only weighed 2500 lbs.

As for my converter. I think its supposed to be a 5000 stall, but I dont know for sure. Its really too much for this engine, but it was bought for the 406 that I blowed up.

As for my R's going through the lights, I think this motor (355) is turning about 5500 rpms (in high gear of course) at the 330 mark (that's all I run is 330 ft). The 406 would go through at 6000 rpms. I shift at 6400 rpms and chip it at 7000 rpms. So I'd even have trouble in the 1/4. I'd say with this 355, it'd probably make it to the 1000' mark and start hitting the 7000 rpm chip. With the 406, I'd say it might have went 800 ft before it got on the chip, if that.

And my car is planted firm going through the 330, and I generally hold it about 100' past the line. About the only trouble I ever have is it bringing the wheels up, particularly the left front. But it doesn't do that much at all with this 355. It might bring the left front about 5 inches. With the 406, it'd come up a foot. But even at that, the car still went straight. Sounds to me like you'r trying to run too little air pressure, since you're weeving on top end.
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