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Re: Re: z32tt vs dodge srt4

Originally Posted by DeleriousZ
YOU CAN'T COMPARE A CAR THAT'S 15 YRS OLD TO ONE THAT'S 3 YEARS OLD STOCK TO STOCK it just doesn't work!!! maybe find me a 15 yr old subaru performance model and then compare it to the zed, that would be a fair comparison

You are right which makes me wonder why people are talking about how much a used Z32 runs for. That being said you cant really compare the car and try to say it is 23000 cheaper. What were they going for at the time? The Z32 is a nice sports car, even for todays standards. Just dont compare price on a car made over 10 years ago plus 'x' amount of moeny toward modifacations. A better comparison is the STi and 350Z, but this isnt the forum for it.
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