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Re: Re: z32tt vs dodge srt4

Originally Posted by musicsurfman
Actually I Don't Like Skylines Just The Motors.... Seeing As I've Had Five Of Them.

I Was Reffering To The Z31 On The Weight.... Thats What My Buddies Weighed In At All Stock With A Full Tank. And Hicas Is Crap.... I've Driven A 240 With It And A Z32 With It, It Has No Benefit In My Mind And Its More Erratic Than Just Sliding The Rear.
And The Z32 Is Still Just As Over Weight As Most Of The Old Technology Japanese Sports Cars.
since when did z31's weigh 3800 lbs??? your buddy must be one fat sob with a huge competition sound system to get the car to gain 800 lbs... since when did HICAS come on 240's?? i've never heard of that before, then again.. i haven't been listening. i think you need to take a few good long steps back son and look at the big picture... you're attempting to compare a car that's around 3 years old and costs around $30,000 to a car that's coming up on 15 years old and can run as low as 7.5k for a decent condition tt. Now, give someone that 22.5 Thousand dollars (22500) to modify the Zed and then we'll see who has the faster car.. in conclusion... stop comparing apples to speakers.. it just doesn't work
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blown turbo, under construction.. gt35 coming.
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