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whoa whoa whoa calm down...where are you getting these statistics about the z32TT? i think your anger is interferring with your thinking abilities.

check this out.

z32TT weighs in at 3200-3300lbs. i dont know where you got 3800.

super hicas is a well designed and very useable and helpful part of your car. the problem comes when people that dont know how to drive it try and drive it hard with hicas and they dont know how its going to act.

why are we comparing a car that is 16 year old technology compared to a car that is 3 year old technology? you cant.

back to the overweight issue. im guessing you think a skyline is the best and fastest car ever made but what you dont know is that it weighs in at about the same as the z32TT. potential of the z32TT is enormous. STI, it is damn near its limits from the factory.

Originally Posted by musicsurfman
Your 3800lbs Steel Sled Can't Turn For Shit Don't Cry....
WTF are you talking about??? that is why the z32 is one of the preferred cars of JGTC??? oh...wait you dont really know anything about the z32. "cant turn for shit" who the f*** does this kid think he is???

i suggest that next time you come into a forum bashing the car that forum is based off of you atleast know a little bit about the car, instead of making numbers up off the top of your head. take your ass to the subaru forum. you dont deserve a Z or any nissan for that matter.
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