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i think some people may be missing a bigger are more than the gadgets u put in them... and whoever said american cars are consumer orientated... WTF??? i dont live in US but i observe this... they are given the choice of ugly american cars that are heavy, boat handling, gas guzzling barges or DECENT imported cars for a lot more $$$...if u ask me americans get a raw deal. ... since i am a fan of jap and euro cars i will impart my opinion which may be a repeat of what some already said ... Jap: making the best of what you got... 206kw power limit, kei cars, emmisions etc, and u get a car that works well and is fairly cheap. put it this way... to find a fair rival for a japanese performance car u need to pay a lot more for a european car... thats just what i think ... euro: for performance cars euro take the approach of unlimited resources etc.. think of cars mainly made out of CF, the mclaren f1 gold plated engine... etc.. so yeah, thats just me
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