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Re: Re: Relating Cars to cultures (US - Jap - Europe)

But I give the innovation prize to the French.

-Radial tyres (Citroen DS)
-Front Wheel Drive (Citroen 15CV)
-Hydraulic suspension (Citroen DS)
-The hatchback (Though that was arguably done by the Czechs)- Renault 16
-various other less important doo-dads, or ones that I was thinking about that evaded me.

The British however, did bring us Disc brakes (Jaguar XK120), Transverse mounting of an engine (Mini)- but not much else comes straight to mind, but given the enormousness of the BMC at one point, there is probably more.

The US, however has indeed innovated in it's own right- things like the Automatic transmission (1940 Oldsmobile), the moving production line, etc.
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