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Re: for people that have a dewoo:

I don't own a Dawoo, but I would buy a economy model based on my experience with my two Pontiac Lemans'. The first is a great car, a no frills 2 dr hatch back, My second LeMans, a 1990 4 dr sedan, came with AC, AT, & PS. It is much more difficult to work on due to the added hoses, belts, and pumps (especially the unneed PS). Both cars are well built and dependable except for minor electricall problems.

Problems: AC/heater controls/blower controls. The blower swithch melts down about every 50,000 miles, but is easilly replaced after the first time and only cost about $15.
Problems: Headlight switch. It also melts down, especially with frequent use of the dome light. It is a little harder to figure out the first time, but fairly simple there after. It cost about $20
Problems: The Power steering add-on is more in the way than a benefit.

Also I'm looking for a parts source (supension, etc) for the Dewoo made LeMans if anyone has one.
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