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Re: Timing Tensioners

what year accord and what engine type?

when i read a post like this where salient details are lacking and the essence of it seems hinky, i automatically suspect trolling, or miscommunication. presuming this post is legit, it's possible the "dealer" (by which you likely mean dealership service manager) is, at the least, exploiting your ignorance by glossing over technical details; or at the worse, the service manager is overtly lying to you. i wager it's more likely you've misquoted the service manager; or, you've misconstrued the salient details in your brief post.

tensioner bolts are torqued to a snugly fit, typically shy of 10ft-lbs, but a bolt working itself loose isn't unheard of. these fasteners resist shear forces more so than pulling forces, and there is absolutely nothing internally "pushing" against them. so you are correct to be suspicious. regardless of any of that, if the belt tensioner is loose on your engine, this must be fixed immediately.

a loose tensioner will cause "slop" in the timing belt--which you can hear. the belt will likely rub against the inside of the cam covers--which you can also hear. that'll cause wear on the timing belt, which shortens its life. worst case, the tensioner releases completely and the belt slips, resulting in a repair bill you're likely not going to be especially happy about.

you clearly have an obvious enough problem with your Accord that you were motivated to get it looked at. you aren't happy with the dealership service manager's explanation of the problem, and you're suspicious of the explanation of it such that you've run it by "by many mechanics", who, in turn, confirm your suspicions, but strangely (for mechanics) didn't offer their opinion regarding the issue with your car? seems dubious. and then you posted here. sooo... there's all that.

if you are somehow unsettled by the dealership, consider getting a second opinion at a locally respected shop. or ask one of the "many mechanics" you have at your disposal to do the work. whatever you decide, you gotta get that thing fixed... yesterday.

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