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yeah the trueno would be another good car, lil harder to drive, but once you would get the hang of it, it would be better then the PT. enter more races with it too if you think about it. the trueno with N/A tune ups has about 230hp, and with the turbo it gets about 360hp (nice). here are some bench tests for both the cars
general setup includs spring rate at 12f/10r, stock setting on rest of the suspension, 3.730 final gear, level 27 auto setting
All tests were ran with an automatic transmission and not using the R2 trick. The cars are being used in their top HP form. the trueno was turbocharged, and the PT was N/A
Max Speed:

Trueno: 163.1MPH
PT Cruiser: 163.3MPH


Trueno: 13.215 sec
PT Cruiser: 14.262 sec


Trueno: 22.932 sec
PT Cruiser: 24.627 sec

well you can see the trueno's faster, but i would still say the PT is a better bet for a starter car. the PT is easier to steer in the beginning, you aren't as likely to lose your rear end as you are in the trueno. i'd do more times (running full tracks a few times, and getting numbers) but im getting pressed for time. hope this helps you with your decision
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