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Re: For Anyone Who Owns a Digital Tire Gauge

CapriRacer wrote: "The net effect is that you won't
get what the vehicle manufacturers specify."

I wasn't expecting it to!

"The fear is that you will get a value lower
than what the vehicle manufacturers specify
and that could be dangerous."

I did - on both mine and my wife's car -only for the rear axle tire pressures.

My wife's Toyota load decal specifies 30psi both front & rear. So easy a caveman could set tire pressure

The formula yielded 32psi front and 29 rear.

My Hyundai load decal specifies 33psi front & rear - easy for the masses to set.

The formula yielded 35front and 32 rear.

We both like the way our cars steer, handle, and roll with cold pressures set accordingly.
Notice that for both of our cars the formula successfully took into account the front-end weight bias - lowering the tire pressure a tad in the rear and adding some in the front.

My friend's AWD 2005 Subaru calls for 34psi front, and 35 rear.

However, for reasons yet unknown, the formula returned suggested cold psi of 48 front and 49 rear!

The only thing I could possibly think of, is, even though the tires currently on her Subaru match the size on the door placard, they might not be the same speed or USTA load weight rating. That could be throwing things off in her case.

At any rate, it shows that Subaru appreciates that its customers love to drive, and took the time to calculate and recommend the exact front and rear pressures for tires on their vehicles - not just an average pressure for both front and rear - as in mine and my wife's cars cases.
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