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Re: what top 10 cars do u want in your garage?

Thats a tough one but here goes my list....
1. McLaren LM - just to look at and admire and maybe drive it once every 3 months
2. Pagani Zonda S 7.3 - my chick magnet
3. Lamborghini Murchielago - weekend car
4. Mine's Skyline(the one w/ 1000 whp) - "when I feel like kicking some a**" car
5. Ferarri F50 - same as the MacLaren but may be I can drive this a littke more
6. Ferarri Enzo - same as F50
7. Saleen S7 - when I need to peel some rubber
8. Keonigsegg CCR - Drag car
9. Bentley Arnage Red Label - special occasion Family car
10. 300ZXTT - daily driver sports car
11. Audi RS6 - my "surprise the 2-door sports car" car

And my current car which is my beloved Maxima, which will then be modded to about 400 whp. This will serve as my daily driver.
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