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Exclamation Help / Advice - TCS light remains on (no other lights or codes) rear brake lights remain on as well.

Hello everyone. I appreciate any help or insight in advance.

Here are the details of my problem (forgive me if I include irrelevant things). I have searched the forum but nothing quite fits my problem.

Summary - for those who like to glance.
TCS Light remains on no other warning lights on dash
Rear brake lights remain on even when the vehicle is turned off.
I do have one brake light that burnt out and front drivers wheel makes noise when I turn sharply to right.

I have an 2011 Honda Odyseey with 100,000
Last week my son told me I had a brake light out on the passenger side (I have yet to replace). Two days ago my neighbor told me my brake lights remained on when the car was even turned off.
At that time I noticed my TCS light on. pushing the button for TCS had not affect as it stayed on. there in NO ABS or ENGINE light on. Only the TCS light and rear brake lights.
I drove it up to AutoZone and he plugged the scanner in which produced no codes. They said they couldnt retrieve a code without an engine light.
The only other information I have is The driver front wheel make a loud click/cracking noise when I turned hard right. This started about 10 days ago.

Any thoughts on how to proceed? Could the burned out tail light and/or the front wheel be causing this?
So much appreciation for any wisdom

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