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PT Cruiser won't turn over or run

I'm working on my sister's 2006 PT Cruiser. A little back story is required. Back in June of last year she went out to get in it to go to work and all it would do was click when she turned the key. To me that is a classic battery issue. Anyway, she didn't call me, but called a friend. This friend came over and tried to jump off the car, but this time, when she turned the key it did nothing at all. No click...nothing. The radio, dome lights, instrument cluster, etc. worked fine, but nothing happened when she turned key. This same friend connected a code reader and received a "pcm" code. That's all this person told my sister. I'm assuming it was a code number preceded by PCM but not sure. Anyway, they assumed from that code that the pcm was shot and decided to do nothing with the vehicle b/c she couldn't afford a new pcm.

Fast forward to this week. I just found out the car was broken down (7 months later) and told her that it didn't sound like a pcm issue to me. I checked the battery and it was completely dead so I started with that, replacing the battery. However, with a good battery, I still get nothing when I try to crank. Here's what I've done so far in my attempts to troubleshoot. Please give me more ideas of what I should do.

Checked all fuses in TPIM - all fuses are GOOD

Jumper wire straight from positive terminal of battery to starter solenoid - Starter turns over, but engine does not crank

Checked connections on bottom of TPIM - all connections are tight

Bypassed starter relay by attaching wire from ignition pin (#30) on starter relay connecter to solenoid - starter turns over with key but engine doesn't crank

Jumped from #30 to #87 on starter relay connector - starter turns over with key but engine doesn't crank

At this point, I assumed that relay may be bad so I did the following:

Replaced starter relay with ASD relay (same relay) and jumped all connections on ASD relay connector - turned the key and NOTHING happens. (What does ASD Relay do, btw?)

Tested all relay connections with my meter and got the following:
#30 to 87 on starter relay - 11 volts with key turned to start
#85 to 86 on starter relay - 11 volts with key turned to start
#30 to 87 on ASD relay - 12 volts with key in ON position
#85 to 86 on ASD relay - 12 volts with key in ON position

I've read that the WCM could be an issue with this vehicle. However, the red security indicator DOES come on for about 3 secs during system startup when key is first turned to ON position, but goes off and stays off after. I've also done the off-on-off-on system check and it turns up NO errors. AND the key fob DOES lock/unlock doors with no problem.

When I jump the starter relay and get the starter to turn over, it actually acts like it's trying to crank but is getting no fuel. I turned it over for about 30 secs thinking that, perhaps, fuel had backed out of the system during the 7 months it sat there. Since I have the air intake off, I tried to smell for gas during this, but there was no smell. That makes me think that no fuel is being pumped into the system. Is there a relay for that?

Any ideas about what I should do to troubleshoot further would be greatly appreciated. I doubt PCM issues b/c all other systems of the car seem to work fine. Please make suggestions about what I should do next. Thanks in advance!!
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