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Re: Airbag Light On in '99 Taurus

From looking at the wiring diagram, there are three fuses that provide power to the SRS module - fuse 16 (10-amp) in the Engine Compartment Fuse/Relay Box, fuse 11 (5-amp) and fuse 13 (5-amp) in the Instrument Panel Fuse Panel.

Additionally, there is apparently a shorting bar that will short the Airbag light to ground if the SRS module harness is disconnected. The shorting bars would turn on the Airbag light via fuse 11 (which is obviously good) if the module is not connected and the key is in the START or RUN positions. Maybe the first step is to make sure the SRS module is still installed and connected. The SRS module should be located on the driver's side of the center tunnel, near the accelerator pedal.

Per the factory service manual:
An air bag indicator that is continuously illuminated could be caused by:
  • the ECS module disconnected from the vehicle harness.
  • the battery or ignition circuit damaged.
  • a loss of ECS module ground circuits.
  • the ECS module inoperative.
  • the NGS tester damaged.

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