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Airbag Light On in '99 Taurus

Hey guys,

I just bought a 1999 Ford Taurus SE from a friend's grandparents. This is a reliable friend and I was informed the airbag light was on prior to purchase. It is an out of state, reconstructed vehicle and in the state of PA this requires something called an Enhanced Inspection. This is all well and good, because the car is in great shape and runs really well, but the airbag light is constantly on. Now, I've been through many a forum and site searching for the solution, and I've found that the light is supposed to blink and you can use that code to solve the issue. Unfortunately, when I turn on the car, no matter what position the key is in, the airbag light comes on and stays on, no blinking, no code, nothing but a little man being punished by an airbag.

Anyone know why this particular Ford doesn't give me a code, and what this light might mean? There was one forum out of hundreds I've visited that mentioned this light could be on because the airbags in fact ARE working... it sounds like crap to me but if that is the case I'd be ok watching the little man getting beaten up by the airbag every time I turn on my car. Also, I do not have access to a scan tool, aside from taking it to the shop, but seeing as it isn't legal by state law to drive yet, I'm hesitant. I'd like to make the Enhanced Inspection and any repairs done all in one trip. Thanks guys, hope to hear something soon.

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