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Re: "NASCAR sucking all the air out of the room"

Originally Posted by struat11
How many races have NASCAR drivers won in sports car racing series?

It would help brand equity to race the Dodge Viper SRT10 rather than the Charger in NASCAR, imo.

I don't understand why Riley Technologies has left Indianapolis to strengthen its ties with NASCAR and their "Car of Tomorrow" which has the same templates for Chevy, Ford, Dodge, and Toyota? Will the engine be the only thing that isn't spec in the "Car of Tomorrow?"

"With the IRL and Champ Car becoming more spec series, none of the teams really need our services," he [Bill Riley] said.

Champ Car is sueing the former Montreal promoter, but guess who might race their next year.
what the ****?

a viper agains Ford Fusions, Chevy Monte Carlos, and Toyota Camrys??? yeah that would make a lot of damn sense... honestly, do people think more than two feet in front of them before posting random bull shit???
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