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Re: "NASCAR sucking all the air out of the room"

pretty much it seems to me like the guy is just trying to make excuses as to why F1 drivers have short lived NASCAR careers(for the most part)... Not to say drivers with a Formula One background can't compete in NASCAR(though really only Robby Gordon comes to mind, but then again from the Baja 1000 to Indy, Robby gordon can do it)... But then when you look at people like Christian Fittipaldi and company, for the most part the so called "superior drivers" come to NASCAR then realizes that there is A LOT more to it than going turning left... I mean even drivers like Boris Said and company go to the road courses and try their luck, and yeah they do well, but how many races has Boris Said or Ron Fellows actually won? sure they qualify well, but then again they set their car up for that ONE fast lap while everyone else set theirs up for the long haul, so Boris gets his poll but by lap 10 is in 20th place...

As far as NASCAR fans not accepting foreign ideas, so? I don't exactly see Americans being accepted in JGTC ...
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