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Alright, how come nobody explained what the little unmarked black toggle switch on the console below the ASC switch does? After falling into bed exhausted, and defeated I recalled that I was absent mindedly flipping the switch back and forth earlier in the day. It didn't do anything so I didn't think twice about it. Needless to say after running outside to the garage at 2:00am in my PJs I flipped the switch and the engine fired right up. Live and learn.

As a first time BMW owner I am awed by this car. The engineering on the coils and plug wires is brilliant and unlike anything I've ever seen. I shifted into 'Sport' mode on the way home yesterday and the car changed from a sedate sedan into a snarling beast. AWESOME! I still have a lot to learn but I sure am enjoying each little discovery. This weekend I'm changing struts and brakes so I may be posting again really soon. Thanks for listening...
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