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Re: Sources for TT front clip /

Originally Posted by Tach_it
There are many places you can risk spending your money on a clip that you are not 100% sure of the condition. There are some clips that are slightly better than others (every clip is not going to have every component in excellent condition) what I am trying to say is that you are dealing with half a vehicle from overseas so there is always some risk in not who it's previous owners were. My advice to you is to get as much detailed information as possible. As an employee of Z1 Motorsports I can assist you in recieving a good quality clip and reasonable price, for you pay for what you get. If you spend 2,000$ on a clip yeah it is more likely to have problems. If you got any questions ask I would be more than willing to help because I can't stand people who practice bad business and like to rip enthusiast off. You can email me at and I can give you more detailed information or we could talk on Monday. Either way shoot me a line, I always like to help a fellow Fairlady owner.
Hi Nick. I started this thread in September 2006, so I bought a clip long ago & it's in the car & working perfect. Nobody doubts that a Z1 clip will be a good clip, because you run them to be sure. The main reasons I didn't buy one from Z1 was 1) The price is at the top of the range for Z32 front clips 2) On top of the price of the clip, add $500 plus, to get it shipped to you. 3) Z1 removes everything from their clips except what is necessary for the conversion, & sells it themselves. I imported one from Japan myself. It took 2 months to get here, but it was winter & I had time to wait. I paid $2500 including shipping via container ship & train all the way to Minnesota, so $2500 was the total price. I got everything with it, including the hood, fenders, headlights, speedometer cluster, front bumper, brakes, suspension, ecu, t-bodies, & everything else that Z1 doesn't include with their clip. Selling the parts that I didn't need from the clip helped finance the project. That probably reduced the cost down to around $1000. Taking all of that into consideration made the Z1 clip very expensive. Granted, what I did was much more of a risk, but around $1000 versus more than $3500 made it worth taking a little risk. I have bought many parts from Z1 & have always been satisfied with the parts & the service I received. But if I was buying another front clip today, I would definitely look for one that comes complete with all of the parts.
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