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Re: Window Bang/Skipping Gears?

Originally Posted by tomj76 View Post
No, I doubt your problem comes from the thermal switch. As stated, it's built into the motor, but also it doesn't trigger until the motor is stalled for a while. I don't know the exact time until it opens, but I'd guess it's a minute or so. If your clicking noises happen as soon as the window hits the stop, then that has nothing to do with the thermal cutoff.

Instead, my guess is the regulator gear, tape, or the worm gear in the motor is skipping. I noticed that your video only shows it making the noise when the window is all the way down. If it only makes the noise when it's all the way down then my guess is that the regulator is damaged, but I'd still check that every thing is tight before buying a new regulator .
So a regulator is an external part of the motor right? If I need to buy and install another window motor I'll just deal with the one I have right now.

It should be worth mentioning that the motor did stop when it hit the bottom/top normally for a couple days after the install, so it does have that feature.
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