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Re: 1989 240 speedometer & odometer not working.

Originally Posted by texaspep View Post
I'm having the same issue as MWEAV. I have replaced my odometer gears in my 1989 Volvo 240 DL. The tachometer was working previously but now the speedometer arm is fluctuating all over. "It would go to zero, then fully peg at the top end". All connections are correct.

I was told by the company from which I purchased the gears the following:

"There is a circuit breaker on the circuit board that can become tripped during the and removal and installation of the cluster. There is no way to manually reset this and you will just need to drive the vehicle for it to reset automatically. I have had clients drive for one to two weeks for it to reset but have not had one to date not reset using this method."

Can anyone tell me if this is correct? Does anyone else have any other trouble shooting solutions that I might try? I would appreciate any help.
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