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Re: 1989 240 will not start.

I removed my throttle body from my car yesterday and cleaned it up. (It needed it.) I put it back on and started the car. It idled smoother than before cleaning this throttle body. I went back out 2 hours later to start the car and it would not start. I went back a half hour later and the same result. I pulled a spark plug and it was wet & smelt like gas was getting to the spark plugs. I then had a friend start the car as I held the spark plug wire coming from the primary coil next to pieces of metal on the car to see if there was an arch. No arch from wire. I just gave it a tune up two weeks ago. My wife is taking the spark plug wire going from the primary coil to the center of the distributor cap & the primary coil to AutoZone to see if they can test the primary coil. Any other ideas? Thanks.
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