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1989 240 speedometer & odometer not working.

I purchased my first volvo two weeks ago. Yesterday, I drove my volvo to a friends house to perform some maintenance. I have a 1989 Volvo 240 DL. My odometer has not worked since I bought the car but my speedometer did. After my friend and I removed the cluster and replaced the gear that is common to have teeth broken off, we started the car and the odometer still did not work. My speedometer does not work now. The speedometer arm was fluctuating all over. It would go to zero, then fully peg to the top end and bounce everywhere in between. So I went to a salvage yard today and purchased another complete cluster. I put in the new gear from my other cluster and assembled.

The speedometer in this new cluster will not do anything and the odometer does not work. I now have a check engine light that is on when the car is started and running. This check engine light does not come on when I just turn the key and all the idiot lights come on, only after the car is started. Do I not have the new 25 tooth gear put in correctly? What would cause my speedometer to fail after replacing the 25 tooth gear? The whole cluster is electronic, even the speedometer. There is not a speedometer or odometer cable like in some cars.

What do I do? I'm very frustrated. Can anyone give me ideas about what to do? Thank you very much.
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