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Re: Re: racing with a automatic?

Originally Posted by kcap122
jeez thats not a good idea. the automatic d1 and d2 are not meant to be shifted. i think there was another thread on this already, the gears are designed to give you torque in the snow and stuff, not for launches.
In a 6th gen Civic, you launch using D3, then when it hits 2nd, you put it in "2" and hold it till redline, then put it back into D3. The 6th gen auto Civic tranny doesn't have a "1" to shift into. "2" will start out the car in 2nd from a stop for added torque like kcap122 was refering to. But you wouldn't want to use it for a luanch as it'll bog you WAY down.

Autos are notably quicker off the line (but not nessacerily in general)than manual simply because you just gas it and go. No clutch to putz around with, and no shifter to have to move around. Just floor it and go.

If you want a faster auto, then invest in an aftermarket torque converter like the ones that ArtCarr sells, or Level10 or TCI has as well.
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