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Re: Still wondering; Millicento, anyone?

Hello, tacky!

Nice to know that one is not alone in the universe. How many miles on your 52-year-old? Is this your first rebuild?

You mentioned low oil pressure; you probably know all the fundamentals, but what shape is your full-flow filter in (the screened cylinder that screws down into the block on the right side)? On mine, the screen rotted into fine particles, thanks to long-term poor maintenance, and really chewed the crank and bearings---leading to the first rebuild, in 1970. Six or seven years later, I discovered that the oil pump was lucky to move any oil at all, so I went to the dealer parts guy (whom I'd gotten to know REALLY WELL), to get a new one. Oddly, their pricing was backwards---I built a pump out of individual parts for about half of what they wanted for a complete one.

Last question, at least for now---have you determined your favorite idiosyncrasy yet?

Have fun, Doug.....

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