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Re: Saab 9-3 vs. Volvo S60

I currently have a 2002 S60 T5 and love it. I have had several Volvo's and this maintains the standard. It is not simply a rebadged Ford car as some misguided people are saying. Ford only owns about 50% of Volvo for one. Also Volvo generaly shares it technology and some platfor bassis with ford. Volvo still retains all of their engineering in Gothenburg Sweden as well as manufacturing plants there and in Belgium.

The ETM issues has been resolved and is covered by Volvo against any of the cars that experience it at any time. And the '99 S80 was a peice, first model year on a new platform, what do you expect. Volvo learned from it and has upheld there qualiy in there newer line.

The suspension on the S60 is a little squishy for my tastes but if you get one with the sport package it takes care of that, plus alos a set of aftermarket springs are only 250-300 bucks.
-Joe- '02 Volvo S60 T5

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